How do you save a TinyDB on external file?

I need to save as backup my TnnyDB on external file. How do that?

Use an extension... do a search for TinyDB in the extensions directory


Thanks. I tried to save and restore my tinyDB with CloudDB. I attache the blocks. The save is ok very fast. The restore is very slow. What is wrong?

Well it will be slower, your app is having to make a call to CloudDB for each and every tag and its data.

It would be more efficient to save your tinydb contents to a single file or variable as csv, then export/import this with cloudDB as a single tag/value.

OK Thanks, but how can I pass a file to CloudDB (I just start using CloudDB this morning sorry) and a variable with all tag/value?. Please some example TY

Something like this:

OK TY again. I need to study a bit...never used either dictionary. I'll try.

Try this one: