TinyDB Babyname not saved after re-opening the app

Hello, I have a problem to save the babynames (separated in boys and girls names) in TINYDB. The goal is, that after closing and re-opening the baby name is visible in a label above the ListViewer. I am already trying many hours, but somewhere there is the mistake. Could someone please help? I am a beginner in TinyDB and I need please a detailed answer or perhaps a blog, but I think, there are only a few blocks wrong. Thank you very much in advance. Have a great day!

is in list block , the thing should be favlabel_boy.text or favlabel_girl.text?

and in screen.initialize
you set listviewGirl to boy?

Dear Kevin, I think this already fixed in the meanwhile. The girl's names are not finished and I made some changes. There is a problem to store and to get the correct value. Thank you.

Hello, the basic problem is still not solved. Could someone please help? Thank you very much. I will post the updated blocks here:

do not use empty string, pls use create empty list else you will get error as youare dealing with list


Dear Spicy_Topics, Thank you very much, I have changed it, but unfortunately, if I click the Add button, which is also the store value button, the names are still not saved in the label after re-opening. The name appears in the label, but it is not stored. Do you perhaps know the reason why? Thank you! Have a nice Easter evening! Martina

Hello, Code changed by myself (see screenshot please), correctly saved to database TINYDB. Thank you! Have a great day!

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