Tinydb and list view delete

i am saving words in one screen with tinydb and displaying them on a new screen in list view. On selecting from list view a notifier appearsand has a delete option. How to make the delete button work so it deletes the text from list viewer and shows the updates listview?

Please show your relevant blocks.

It sounds like you are using a notifier dialog from the afterPicking event?

Use the event from the button click in the notifier to delete the list item (you will need to be using a tinydb to transfer data back and forth between screens) then refresh the listview with the revised list.

hi please see the images below.

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these are 2 diffrent screen screen 1 and 2

Do you only want to remove items from your listview "VIEW" or do you want to remove the items from your list "Subreddit" ?

Just list view

hi so now i can delete from the list view from screen 1. but when i enter new data from screen 2 all the deleted items including the new one appear again. how to delete the item from tag so it would delete from database itself and wont show again please have a look at the images below. they are 2 different screens screen 1 and 2

fix the red warning and get the TinDB values during initializing the screen
also see here how to switch screens correctly https://puravidaapps.com/manager.php


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I have solved you can delete the chat

no, because the answers are not only for you but for everyone, who might have the same question in future

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