TinyBD doesn´t save data when app closes

Hello everyone, first for all, apologies for my bad english
After I searched and readed a few of the post in this site and downloaded some extensions, I still don´t get why my TinyBD erase the saved data after the app close...
Well, i´m triyng to make a login offline (once the user select the "save user" option, the app will save his user and password to work offline), but everytime I close the app, all the data in the TinyBD disapear. I tried to do the same thing in a new app and the savedata works and the DB preserved himself after the app close, so I don´t get what im doing wrong in this app, I hope someone can help me. this is the important code...

Also, I´m using a tinyBD to save somo info the app create (when the app is online, this info is sended to a database in MySQL, but if is offline, the app will save the data to send them when is online again, after that the app erase all this data, all of this blocks works fine, except for the "save the data when the app close", again)
When the app is online, check the login info in a php page, and this page return the complete name of the user for app stuff

Why storevalue and getvalue next?


Ah, yes, i saw a post when someone do that and, in the last days I tried anything I can think (thats the reason why the tags are Snake and Ocelot and no a serious thing, srry), whatever, I can delete the blocks and anyway, the DB still have the same problem

A little actualization... like I said, im trying anything and, for curiosity I clicked the button "Publish to gallery" and thats sends me and error message. I have a lot of checkpoints of my app and I tried one of the first ever created and... the savedata worked... Is there a possibility that my proyect is corrupted? what can I do now?

Do you have TinyDB1 in the Screens?
Those TinyDB1 must have the same NameSpace: TinyDB1

Yes, all of them have the same name, actually I have 2 separate DB; TinyDB1 (only for the login stuff) and other for the savedata that apps create for purposes.
But I'm 80% sure that my proyect is corrupted, i will try to use one of my old checkpoints and I will update the post, maybe tomorrow, anyway, if someone have an idea I will trie to implement it

Although you have 'two' TinyDB's, they are two instances of one database, so it's very important that their namespaces are correct. Also, rather than using a text Block for the tag names, use global variables - that way, you can be certain each tag name is correct no matter how many times the code uses it.

It's unlikely that your Project is corrupt although there is currently one known issue that can corrupt a project and that is copy-pasting into a Table Component.

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