Tiny DB problem

This is the problem

This is the block and Interface

I hope you can help me to solve this problem. I already have a hard time solving this one since even if I try to change the tag it will still have the same problem. By the way, if you think that my English is bad I'm sorry, English isn't my first language and this is my first time to write here.

Your tag "Hangman Answer" is a list, therefore you should treat it like one.

not like this:

or this

but like this:
or this

and here:

you should be saving a list, not a string

also, to avoid any potential problems, remove any spaces from your tag names, e.g.
hangmanAnswer instead of Hangman Answer

Make these changes and see how it helps.

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Hello @Arkk
Welcome to mit app inventor

I got you problem dont do all 'hint' , 'password' and 'answer' in one tiny db just take different do like this:-

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Isn't this the exact same thing?


opps sorry thanks for telling

There is something wrong with the Hangman Answer blocks.


Storing 3 tags at the same time with only 1 TinyDB works. This is an example.

Screenshot 2022-04-09 10.32.13 AM
I have changed it to be like what you ask it seems like it doesn't have a problem with the Tiny DB, but now I have another problem

By the way, I write "answer" at the answer textbox

make a list block is used when we are to do defination and initialization at the same line. In your case it is one list with one item always, if it is the case why not you have just dump the text value to the tinyDB, list mean collection ot items.

No matter how many times you execute this block it will be creating list with same dimention with the value provided.


use length of list block not string lenght block, as suggested before

Thank you so much for helping me and replying!
I have fixed my issues and this project seems to do well.
Hope you all have a nice day! :blush::wave:

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