Tiny Db not working

The tiny Db isn’t storing.What could be the possible reasons

Pls respond

You need to be more patient and you need to show a screenshot of your relevant blocks.

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Please tidy up your blocks (right click, Clean Up Blocks), expand any collapsed blocks, and make a new image to post here on the forum.

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Is this better??

You never call your procedure to add a number to the broadcast group.

Pls elaborate even more

Pls elaborate more

When do you try to store in TinyDB?

Tim’s post discovered your problem. The Procedure does not work; instead use the code suggested in the Broadcast Hub tutorial http://www.appinventor.org/BroadcastHub2
When you call addNumbertoGroup, you are overwriting an existing BroadcastList , probably with nothing (because the number is NOT the same local number


You do not need to use the procedure as shown circled in red. If you use only the green code;d you should be OK. The routine in green already stores your List to the TinyDB most probably.

Thank you for the help! Is there any tutorial related to using GPS location??

Does this new question mean you solved your issue with the TinyDB? Several people that tried to help you probably would like to know; don’t you think? :slight_smile: I believe you solved the TinyDB problem

Yes, Using the Location Sensor

and almost all of these links help you learn to use the Map component

New questions should be asked in a new Forum thread.

Here are several tutorials you might find interesting .

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Yes I did solve the tiny Db issue.It was due to the overwriting of the block with the ‘to add number to the group’ procedure.Thanks

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