Timer inside a timer


I want to make the text appear every 1 minute, let the user read it for 5 seconds and then hide it again. It should be an endless loop.

So I need two Clocks, but it is impossible to put one Clock inside another and there is no a delay function :frowning:

I searched high and low but can't find an answer, can you help me please?

But you could run them side by side

You use a clock timer :wink:



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Or you can use only one clock...

set interval in initialize to 60000, and when timer fires, you check the interval to set 5s or 60s and to set label.visible to true or false

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This is all you need:

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Thank you, guys!!!
I tried all the 3 decisions, they all work wonderfully :blush:
Thank you very much :hugs: