Timer Function Error

I have noticed a strange behaviour in the clock timer, it seems to pause after while and does nothing no matter what and then a few minutes later it turns normal. I suspect this to be some sort of cool down or something. I found this when I was using the "when clock.timer" function.


I haven't faced any such issue.

So is there something wrong with the player? If it is not the clock it could be the player because it constantly playing the sound.

A What is the time interval between calls to the player?
B What is the length of the sound file/files?

If B > A then you may have problems

On which device and with which Android version are you testing?

The timer interval is variable and is defined using a slider.

Redmi Note 4 android 7.0

this is the link.

Doesn't answer the question though - length of sound file > timer interval ?

Are you talking about idle / sleep mode (Doze)? App / Clock running in background (screen off)?

No, the sound stops coming even if the screen is on and is back after after a few minutes

Post your (relevant) blocks or a test aia (to reproduce this issue).


No issues, but see here:

Set the Slider.MinValue to 0.

Ok you are right this was a graphical error created, I will add this change.

I will get you a video of what exactly is happening.