Timer Demo - stopwatch/count up/count down - using blocks only

A demo showing how to run an accurate timer, using just blocks



(Credits: Scott Feguson)


I noticed various issues:

  1. The count up does not start at 0.
  2. If the app is placed in the background (device home button or screen off / idle mode), the timer does not continue, so that no signal sounds when the end is reached.
  3. If the screen is in the background, the duration e.g. is set to 1 hour and the app is brought back to the foreground after e.g. 50 min, the time is running up in tenths of a second.
  4. If you started the count up and closed the app with the device back button and then opened it again, the count up is still running
  5. If the count up / down is started it's not possible to stop / pause it.

Of course, some of the issues are easy to fix, but all ...


No complaints then :wink: I have added a few comments
Looking forward to the release of your extension Anke....

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