Timepicker with BLE and arduino

Hi someone.

I want tô chance the hour on my cellphone, and send the humbers to Arduino with HM-10 BLE.
But every time i try tô send a integer to serial, the app inventor convert in text file…
Ex: I put 1 on the timepiker and i recive 49 on serial Port.

Someone can help me ?

Isn't 49 the decimal value of text '1' in the ascii chart?

Post your Arduino source code, and do a right click Download Blocks Image and post that too so we can reconcile the two sides.

Its very simple, i press one button on my cellphone screen and the data of timepicker has been send to
arduino by HM-10 BLE.
I would like to put 12:53 on the time picker and receive 1253 on the serial port, but i have some doubts…
When i send 12:53 on the time picker, i just receive 49 in the variable.
This is the example of AVR code:

Char X;

int main(Void)

X = UsartRead();



Thanks so much to help me.

I don’t have set answers for you on this, because I don’t have deep experience with this hardware and software.

However, I have some questions for you that might guide you to a solution …

  • what does UsartRead() return? text, a byte, or whatever data type you assign it into?
  • char X allows variable X to hold how many bytes? Just 1, or an indefinite length?
  • How many digits will 1:01 send ? 2? Would the Clock1.formattime block help here?
  • an integer is 2 bytes long, right? How does the UsartRead know that?
  • where is the doc for UsartRead?