Time instant vs time text?

Ok, I know the difference between a date picker set with text, and a date picker set via an instance. Depending on the format, they will both show. If I set the date with a text string, for example, 'Mon, May 22, '23", it looks good, but the instance will revert to either today, or Jan 1, 1900 in some odd circumstances.
What I need is to set the date picker to a date programatically instead of user input directly, as in, I have picked a date from a list view, and need the date picker to set to that date.
With using this:

I can see :
as plain as day, but the instance of said date is
Not what I need.

So, after trying to set the date with an instant

the results are the same, it still reports back the incorrect date.
The only way I have been able to report back the correct date is to physically go in and set the date as one normally would. Is there a way to set the instant of a date picker without direct user input??

thanks for any guidance afforded


...because you are not using an instance correctly Charley. You also have to use the format codes:

I am going through the tutorial, but am am thinking something is broken....
I have uploaded a video to demonstrate ...
this is me trying to attach two blocks to try samples from the aforementioned tutorial. Is it me? am I missing something?

The separation between block and little fist is when I start to move the mouse, they reconnect after I let the mouse button go (In my case, a touch pad and click strip at the front)

then systemtime is not a instant. Please give WeekdayName an instant, like Clock.Now.

It's not a bug.

It's a feature.

Try Hamlet's To be or not to be using the green logical Or block.

what am i doibng differently from the tutorial?

Is this tutorial for App Inventor? the block looks not from AI2.

I did notice that Name is separated from Weekday. I was following through the tutorial Mr Ward posted.
I understand instants, instances etc. Just working through it.

Please report this bug in that tutorial.


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