Tictactoe XO nft game

hi my game is online game that will be play to earn game can you test it and give me your feedback at least it should be tow online players in same time to play so if it doesnt work test it with your freind

can you please elaborate on this? what are you talking about?
also what about providing a few screenshots here in the community?


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"game that will be play to earn" nft play to earn game

'game that will be play to earn' nft play to earn game

Please explain what this means.....(play to earn ? what ? - nft ? - play to earn game ?)


NFT games are digital games that are built on the power of blockchain. In this platform, the in-game assets are represented in the form of non-fungible tokens. Since the in-game assets are non-fungible tokens, they are encrypted by cryptography. Thus, they cannot be replicated or destroyed. In conventional gaming platforms, the players had to spend money on purchases and not the other way around. They never experienced any profits. At the present time, with the help of NFTs, players can gain profit by trading or selling these in-game NFTs on various marketplaces. Thus, it works like an excelle

If I understand, this is an earning app ?

yes but not yet is underdevelopment

I am surprised that Google let it through, and as of yet, have not kicked your app off Google Play ....

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why is that not allowed

Please complete your statement....