Thunkable VS MIT App Inventor

Thunkable vs mit app inventer
which platform is better?

In thunkablex you can not import extension but in appinventor you can import extension.
Appinventor have more components than thunkablex
So, appinventor is best
If you want to talk about thunkable then thunkable is a copy of appinventor

ok thankyou

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right now with thunkable x, you have premium plans that require money. however, mit app inventor is 100% free of charge.

Always MIT App Inventor is the best because it is an opensource project.

I think right now it is not a copy of App Inventor because they support both platform android and iOS.


It depends. If you mean Thunkable Classic, yes, it is a copy of App Inventor. However, Thunkable staff now shutted down Thunkable Classic and replaced it with Thunkable X, which is not a copy of App Inventor.

While Thunkable X has more compiling options that are limited to 2 apps per month, App Inventor has only 1 compiling option with 100% free.

No one is better. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Like, you can create applications for both iPhone & Android from Thunkable X, but you can only create Android applications from AI2.
The advantage of AI2 over Thunkable X is it's an open-source project and obviously free.

Similarly, there can be many advantages and disadvantages.

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