THUNKABLE and APP INVENTOR: is there any way to migrate blocks from AI to Thunkable?

Hello Folks, is there any possible way to migrate block from AI to Thunkable to finally publish an app for IOS? Thunkable is IOS compatible and also its structure and blocks are pretty much the same. The only thing that Thunkable is missing is an activity starter option. I'm loosing a lot of Iphone customers who would be happy to have my app but are unable to get it. Please advise

thank you all!


Download your blocks as png by right clicking on blocks area and in thunkable drag and drop your downloaded blocks


Thunkable X and App Inventor are incompatible...
You have to start from scratch...



thank You so much Faraz, sounds like a good idea to give a try to. Hope it works out for me.

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This will definitely work I have done loke this and I got succes


This will not work. Thunkable X and Thunkable Classic are different.

It Wont Work Thunkable X and AI2 Have Different framework as @oseamiya said

@Faraz_Firoz he is asking about Thunkable x and not thunkable classic

@App_Pro It is Impossible


Faraz, could you please list the steps of the process of how you do that? I downloaded the blocks as png to my download folder, so how do I pull them out and place them in the blocks editor in Thunkable? Thanks a million in advance!!

Also, Faraz, just in case what do you think is the best alternative to activity starter in Thunkable X? Would that be Listviewer? Let's just think that my app is like a phone book of the best rated kitchen and bath showrooms in North Dakota sorted out by cities in the state. Designer screen would have buttons with the names of the cities, once you touch any button it will show you the list of the best rated kitchen and bath showrooms(each listing in the list is linked to a website). In AI activity starter makes it all happen. Thunkable does not have activity starter, so what would YOU do to find an alternative to such component? Thanks again!

p.s. I'm desperately trying to push my app to the App Store, I'm loosing a lot of potential downloads(money) because I don't have an IOS version available

Use web component may that be helpfull. I do not use Thinkable X

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Again, that will only download it as an image file. You can't drag-and-drop files, only blocks. D:

Edit: You can do that.

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