"This worked for me"/Thumbs up button

I've seen many posts where even though the solution has been given, the OP hasn't marked that specific post as the solution. Implementing a thumbs up button (signifying, "This solved the issue for me, thanks!") could help bypass this issue. Posts marked with a large number of said identifiers can be marked as the possible solution(s).

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Yeah, it would be very helpful and even App Inventor Staff could add reactions like this :point_down:
This feature is already available in all other communities.

IMO, reactions aren't necessary in this community; you already have the like button :slight_smile:


Yes, but it would be great if it has those...

Great, but unnecessary. This community is solely for the cause of helping people/showcasing apps and extensions. We try to maintain civility.
Imagine somebody getting out of their way to absolutely BOMBARD you with reactions for no reason at all, when it's not needed. Sometimes, it's probably just better to ignore these trivial but interesting features; they may not always be helpful.

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I believe you answered your own original question with this statement!

Mods do their best to close topics / mark solutions when they can, but very often topics are purposefully left open for future discussion.

I saw your other post about number of likes limit, only admins(MIT) can change this (if they actually can), I guess the limit is there to prevent spamming/overuse.


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