This server will be down briefly sometime today or tomorrow

MIT is reducing on-campus staff because of COVID-19. This server currently runs on hardware on campus, which if it encounters difficulty may take a while to restart/repair.

So I am going to move it to the Cloud today or tomorrow. This will result in some downtime. So if it isn’t responding, you’ll know why!

Stay Safe everyone!


And we are back, now living in the clouds :slight_smile:


:cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :slight_smile:

(and some text to allow the post)

Smooth! I did not even notice!

I’m getting good at this, though discourse is trickier then some to move. Yesterday I moved the MIT App Inventor website from campus to the cloud. At the moment the rendezvous servers are still on campus, though I am getting ready to move them now.

The buildservers will remain on campus for now. They are expensive to run in the cloud (96 cores worth). However I have them “staged” so that I can bring them up quickly if I have to in AWS. This is do-able because they have no permanent state/data. They are just compute slaves. The only state they have is the current software to run, and I have that all ready to go in AWS.