Thinner textbox blocks text

Normal textbox displays text properly but it is too thick. So I reduced the height, but now the text is blocked partially. Does anyone know a workaround?

Reduce the fontsize?

P.S. Also look to see if changing vertical alignment of enclosing Arrangements or Screen will get inherited by the TextBox. Default vertical alignment is top, which matches your symptom.

Reducing the font size works, but the text is too small and I would like to vertically center it inside the textbox.

Did this help?

Still did not work. AlignVertical is set to center.

Check Screen1 Attributes for Fixed/Responsive. Responsive might give you more pixels to work with.

If that doesn't help, make a small .aia for us to play with?

Are you using a Label component for this?
They have a Has Margin attribute you would want to avoid.

Screen1 is responsive and I am not using a label.

Change that.

Sorry I meant responsive

You could try this extension:

It has a vertical alignment block, and a padding block

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Thank you. I will try this

Set it to bottom, since the top is cut off?

@TIMAI2 Does the extension work on chromebook AI2 Companion because it does not work for me?

Maybe it's time to turn on scrollability in an enclosing Arrangement, to avoid the issue?

textbox.aia (1.1 KB)
Small test aia to show the problem, let me know if you figure it out

Try this, needed to remove padding. Resized textbox height down to 15px!

textbox_revised.aia (14.8 KB)

Thanks! Problem is solved.

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