There was an error compiling my application

The error message is as follows: ask for help
Pesticide (3).aia (76.7 KB)

Works just fine at my end.

Are you able to build any other project?

Yes, I also tested it is working but taking time, and please pay attention for one obsevation, screen call, should be like

PS: I just fill the text boxes with some random input, since I couldn't understand what is supposed to be input, and after clicking on a button a web screen opened.

In my web page, no other program can output the application. I think it's the problem of the web page

OK, I will modify it. There are some problems in my logic module

In other words, you are using a different builder and it's not a MITAI2 issue..

Does that mean there is a problem with my startup software or my library file? How can I solve this problem

You might want to use your ip instead when loading the page


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not aligned with OR Operation - Operand can only be logical condition that evalute to true or false

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