There was a problem parsing the package

Hello. I have made this application with App Inverter, it gives error( there was a problem parsing the package)with Samsung Galaxy A31 and Android 12. Does this error also occur in your devices? What is the reason?thanks

You might try a community search:

Hello and thank you. I have searched about this error. My main goal is whether this error really appears in different phones or not? I tried it on samsung galaxy A70 android 11 and samsung S 20 android 12 and samsung A 10s android 9 and samsung A 7 Android 8 and there is no problem, but one of my friends has seen this error with Samsung Galaxy A 31 and Android 12.What is your phone? What is the Android version? And did this error appear? Thanks.


Dont recieved my answer!

Show us your blocks. show when this error occurs. Make a simple sample of a project that also has this error. The community isn't there to test your app, you need to hire beta testers for that.

Installing an apk of unknown origin, from outside the play store, is dangerous.

Judging by what you wrote, there may be incompatibility with the previous version of the app. You need to uninstall the previous version of your app and then install the new one. Try it.

Since it works on Android 12 (Samsung S20) it isn't an Android version problem, but maybe a device specific one (but I doubt that). So ask your friend to send a screenshot of the error message and the specifications of his device). Also try to upload the app as an internal test track on the Goggle Play Dev console and wait for the Pre-Launch-Report. Are there any errors / warnings?