There is an error that keeps occurring when I try to open my app

When I try to open one of my apps, there is an error that pops up saying "An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?". When I cancel, the screen freezes and I must refresh my page to click on anything. This is not a problem for other apps, just one specific app. Can anything be done to fix this? PLEASE as soon as possible. Thank you.

This URL allows you to open AI2 to the Project List, without opening any project.
From that list, you can request Exports of Projects without trying to open them.
Upload the troublesome .aia here.

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reciperecommender.aia (143.2 KB)

Your project has another project from GordonLu loaded as an extension.

It is beyond my surgical skill to untangle, since I have no sample directory structures of extensions in .aia files for comparison.

I recommend starting a fresh project, without extensions, and taking a Project->Export before trying to import any extensions.

Another project from GordonLu loaded as an extension?

Yes, its OPEN_AI.

does that mean all my other apps with OPEN_AI will also eventually have that error??

No, it was just something that happened when you tried to import that extension.

If you have another project with that extension and it is not corrupted, post it here, to help diagnose the different directory structures between the projects.

The free 7zip utility is good for exploring the .aia directory structure.

In case I got the extension hypothesis wrong, here are uploads of the screens and blocks, for program analysis:
Screen1.bky.txt (12.1 KB)
Screen1.scm.txt (2.9 KB)
Screen4.bky.txt (603 Bytes)
Screen4.scm.txt (786 Bytes)

It's ok, thanks for your help. I found a copy of the app that seems to work fine.

Here you have a working one reciperecommender.aia (143.2 KB)

May I ask if you have at some point edited the files manually..

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