The sound is louder then quieter

I am trying to simulate the operation of the turn signal sounds on my car dashboard. I created a small test project in which I turned on turns every 680 milliseconds on a timer.
The problem is that when the sound is played, the clicks are either louder or quieter, perhaps this is due to the sound being superimposed on the sound, but I don't understand how to achieve a uniform volume.

In order for the condition to work, you need to keep the button pressed constantly. I need it by condition.

sbros_tim.aia (4.4 KB)

Use Audacity to combine both sounds to one audio file?

There are no 2 sounds. There is only one sound and it is uploaded to the project via the link.

OK, so what sound is being superimposed, the next run of the same sound? If so, again use Audacity to trim the audio file length to less than your timer. Also don't start the next run of the sound until the previous one has finished

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I understand you, but shouldn't "stop playback" be cut off?
Thanks for the advice, I'll try. But my sound is already less than a second,,,

Try the Player instead of the Sound component. You may not need the clock timer.

Thank you. Reducing the file duration helped!

The duration of the sound file was 156ms, smaller than 680 or 340ms. I neither understand the problem nor the answer (solution) and cannot verify it (at least not on a Pixel 4XL, Android 13).

I can assume that the fragment of the recording after the main click was quiet, perhaps the android decided that this was the end, but in fact the file has not finished yet. I do not know for sure, but after I shortened the tail, all the problems with (possible overlap) of the sound went away. The sound is quiet and even now. As it should be.

sbros_tim (1).aia (4.7 KB)

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