The package name of your APK or Android App Bundle must be "***"

Hi there,
I have trouble that I can not release revised version of my application to Google Play Console.
Error message is
The package name of your APK or Android App Bundle must be "appinventor.ai_admpapa3.TraPon".
I tried to upload .aab file named same as error message. But rejected and Google send same message.
Does it mean that I must change source of my application.
If it does, for me only can develop application with App Inventor, there is
nothing to do?


The name of the compiled app (AAB or APK doesn't matter. The project name must be "TraPon" (TraPon.aia) and the email must be the same as in your origninal (first) Play Store release. Then - and only then - the packageName is identical.

Hi Anke,
Thanks for much help already.
I get know you say that I must upload improved application without change project name nor my mail address.
In fact I tried same way as you mention but rejected.
On this issue, I tried to re-release my app without change file name and project name from same Google Play Console ID.
But Google Play Console rejected release as mentioned error message I show here before.

On this matter I asked Google, the answer is the followings.

Thank you for contacting Google Play Developer Support.

The package name of the file uploaded for the new release must match the package name of the existing app. Please refer to this help article and try clearing your web browser's cache and cookies.

If the problem persists, we recommend using incognito mode in Google Chrome or "private browsing" mode in other web browsers.

If the error persists, there may be a problem with the file. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we recommend .

Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Thank you.

Google Play Developer Support

As Google points I cleared cache and cookies but get same error messages.

As already stated by @Anke, are you 101% sure that your project name is TraPon.aia and that you are using admpapa3@xxxx.xx as you login account on MIT


If there is still problem then share your aab file

  • Then don't change anything,
  • build the APK (instead of the AAB) with the same project,
  • upload the APK to Google Drive and
  • post the public link.

... and from the same AI2 account?