The operator append to list cannot accept the arguments

Hi, again! I can't seem to find what list keeps giving me this message since I have checked it multiple times. I'm quite new to this so I don't really know what keeps getting wrong, can someone please see if I have any mistakes? I really appreciate your help!

Here is the original code from where I got my reference and I just substituted it with mine. I added some things because I thought that was the problem but it was still the same.

Please share an aia project that reproduces this error.


"First_NonBio" is not a list...but a number ("0"):

Maybe you need to change it by "NonBio"

I tried changing it just now and it said this.

The error message says that you are trying to select item 0 of a list of four or so Sprites. (I didn't have patience to take an exact count.)

I leave it to you to read your code.

I seems you have copied so bad the original code...for example here:

must be Binsnum instead. That error does Bisnum=0 always and then you have that error here:

I actually already did that when I was scanning through my codes again and I tried changing the others, now the problem that I still have is that the app can't find my items saying that the limited item is "1" and all. And then, my app can't stop bouncing around. I am really having a tough figuring things out:((

I don't know what is the problem exactly, maybe you can explain it in more details.