The operation yail-divide cannot accept the arguments: , [""], ["600"]

please help me!
i am trying to do these actions for each item on the list but i get this error "The operation yail-divide cannot accept the arguments: , [""], ["600"] where 600 is sum (The operation yail-divide cannot accept the arguments)

The problem is that textbox2.text is empty and maths blocks don't work with empty text blocks

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textbox2 is filled by the user,so there is value

I believe this is the case that a user pressed button2 with out entering a value. You could add and if statement to check if textbox2 is empty and if textbox3 is not equal to 0 (cause you can not divide with 0) then do ....

Textbox2 is the desired weight and textbox3 is total weight. Still the problem . The operation yail divide cannot accept the arguments: ,["0"]

you have to understand, that a calculation is only possible for numeric values, but not for empty strings
just add some data validation, for example

if is empty desired weight
then display a notifier "please enter a desired weight"
else do the calculation


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