.The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments

So I'm trying to make a country-capital city quiz. But when I try to get the points I've made, the next error appears:

The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments: , [3], [2]

I'm using a .csv file, where on first index I have question (city), second index the correct answer and index 3-5 are possible answers.

The points' button is "Button5"

Here are blocks:



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Your csv file, or an example of it, would be of help in solving your issue....

I presume this runtime error arises when you read the csv file ?

base.csv (14.7 KB)

Try removing Capital d': from every line in your csv. With it included the csv is not properly formatted.

Nope, same error.

I just looked through the csv and there is also Capital de:

Try this file

base.csv (11.8 KB)

(or just remove the colon :)

Error is still popping

works for me

Use the double slash on the path to the csv ? (//base.csv) - if this was the problem, you might be able to use your original csv file....

Yes, but everything shows as always. Do you need the .aia fle?


You did not say when the error arises...I did ask / presume ?

yes, I have.

So you did. Problem in here somewhere

yup, it must be there, but i don't really guess what fails

From your blocks global llista repostes only contains a list of numbers, you are trying to compare this with a string from global llista preguntes ?

I'm trying to compare with the answer from the second column from .csv (which has correct answer)

DId you check all global variables??? using Do it


instead of guessing your problem with images, if you share the sample screen it will be easy to find out and quick fix

Bold 0 is question
Normal 0 will be a question counter
List View is for question choice
Anterior = Go to the question before the acutal one
Veure Puntuació = See score (the problem)
Seguent = Go to next queston

in case anyone wants .aia
QUIZ.aia (12.4 KB)