The operation select list item cannot accept de arguments

good morning, the application that I am developing presents me with this error, although the answer is correct and the application fulfills its purpose, it generates this error at the end of the process

Screenshot from 2022-12-30 09-57-07

Screenshot from 2022-12-30 10-01-43

These are the blocks I have so far, I would like you to help me understand what the error is so I can correct it

show Validacion on a lable, and is it what you want it to be?

the text that results in etqproductname is correct and when sending the data to the google sheets file it sends them correctly but I still can't understand what is the cause of that error

As suggested, look at the entire responseContent being returned. It is most likely an html page generated by a problem with your google apps script. A description of the error should be near the end of the html.

I tried to place a label to know what is the text that returns validation and it generates another error


Look for the place where you are updating Text Color.

It seems problem with script url. Have you deployed with anyone can access?

To check your work, just run the web url in browser after getting response from scanning

It is possible that the application ignores that error simply so that it does not appear on the screen, the application works correctly, but every time I try to save the information, it shows me this message, I just need to make it not show that, is there a way to do it?

That is logical error , if skipped your app will not function properly

Export your .aia file and upload it here.