The operation pick random item cannot accept the arguments

Dear all
I don't understand why app inventor returns this error in this simple block. I initialize a list with 9 items. I use each item to fill a label text. Next thing I want to do is I want to select a random item from the list and do something else with it. (Actually I want to randomly select 3 of the toys and color them differently ....) ...However I always get this error with a reference to the last of the 9 items. What is the issue with this random picker?

Why are you setting an item to a random item. Set the list to a random item. or if you want the last item of the list, just select it


I will have different lists of 9 items each. Depending on a category I want to show the user 9 items. The random function should highlight 3 items. (the user should do then something creative with those 3 items)
So I first populate the list, then I wanted to run through the random pick function actually 3 times and highlight the 3 random items.

I just get stuck already trying to pick one random item. I do not understand what that error message really wants to tell me. 9 items, pick one random out of it. What is wrong with the "Arguments"?

Something like this will get three random items from a list and add them to a sub list:



Aaah!! This is perfect. Thanks so much!

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