The operation is in list? cannot accept the arguments: ,["Neil"], [""]

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when is in list? event triggers it says cannot accept arguments is in list(something like that) when i build the app/ connect it with ai2 companion.
What's the problem with it.
Note: the selected listviewer element is Neil

I would be grateful if you could help me with blocks very soon as today is deadline of my project

Keep your title as it is. The way you changed it doesn't say anything about the subject. I changed it back.

Why not show us all your relevant blocks?

@TIMAI2,@Peter The whole project is of 512 blocks :sweat_smile:
Hence, let me explain it to you very briefly(I'll try) :slightly_smiling_face:

Globaluserlist is the list of users on database through firebase tags.

Getvalue is get the saved contacts list in clouddb under the tag(username+savedcontacts[JOINED])


In my project, i am using getvalue event many a times for various tags. Therefore I have set conditions and variable states for differentiating between the conditions when to get which value under which tag.(in clouddb)
So, the condition set by me here is after picking from global userlist, i want to check whether that value under the saved contacts tag matches with the globaluserlist. If yes, i want this event to notify by alert.

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Given that you have not shared your blocks, it is difficult to know where the list error is coming from. I can only give a verbal response. I suggest you look at the values being returned by your getValue calls, the answer will probably be there, somewhere.

If it is so, right click on the workspace and download the blocks as image and attach it here or send a .aia file.
It will be easy for everyone to check your code and help you out. (just a suggestion)

@TIMAI2 I think the problem is with the selection being made as the error gives a hint...

Error: The operation is in list? cannot accept the arguments: ,["Neil"], [""]
And the selection being made is neil

Can anyone suggest a solution for this

your list is not a list

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Thanks @Taifun @Peter @TIMAI2 sir!!
So how to get values under a specific tag as a list?
Because i have used the getvalue of when got value block????

@Taifun @Peter @TIMAI2
Actually i want to check whether specific thing provided by me is one of the values under a tag or not
Please help :pray::pray::pray:

You are expecting a list in "value".

What is coming back?
If it meant to be a list, why not ?
What are you saving to that tag, the one that returns "value"?

When i try to get value as considering it to be a list
it gives argument
when i try to show it on a label
it changes label text to the last/latest value under tag
i am storing multiple values
and i want to check that one entered by me while operating the app is one the values under this tag.
I hope this helps you to help me :grinning:

My guess is that you are overwriting the value in the tag, rather than appending it to a list ?

No i am appending the values

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Aplologies sir. Can you help?

it seems that nobody could find a solution.

You only gave us this to go on:


I am not blaming you, sir.
Okay, Let me make my question as simple as possible as i tried to make it earlier...
How can I check whether a specific thing/value provided by me is one of the values under a given tag?