The operation Elements cannot accept the arguments: , ["<!DOCTYPE"]

its sowing under run time error
The operation Elements cannot accept the arguments: , ["<!DOCTYPE"]

i am exporting data from google sheet in list view

pls help i am new here

Can you please show us you're blocks where the error occurs?

Now tell us / show us:

  1. What is your web app supposed to fetch from the google sheet? - show your script
  2. Have you republished your web app after making changes?

1 Open the script project
2 Go to Publish
3 Deploy as Web App
4 Project version: - select New from the dropdown
5 Execute the app as: your google account address (email)
6 Who has access to the app: Anyone, even anonymous
7 Press the Update button

You have to do this EVERY TIME you change your script

  1. You appear to be expecting a list?

but its not allowing me to publish to anonymous also

see here for detailed instructions:

i am using a gsuit account from my organization so i am not able to select anonymous it an issue cause from my end every thing is fine as you have explained

Can't help your there if you want anyone outside your organisation to access this web app, or it seems internally. Your gsuite admin should be able to change your settings....

The error: ["<!DOCTYPE"]

could be typographical, as that label should read:

<!DOCTYPE type>

for example:
<!DOCTYPE html>


We have only been provided with the first part of a google error html page, which is probably due to the "user" - AI2 app, not being authorised to access the web app.

So there is an error in the error message?

my script is importing data correct from my web app and converting that json in text fromat pls fefer the
below web app link

but its not taking this array as in my list

Because you are in gsuite your link is of no use. Show the output of responseContent

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thanks for ur valuable reply and yes u r correct that my gsuit account does not allow to access any ata to third party thats why i had that error but it resolved but now i got this new one can u pls tell me what to do

"Sending SMS message: uid 10159 does not have android.permission.SEND_SMS."

Please start a new topic, your question is unrelated to this one.