The operation dictionary recursive lookup cannot accept the arguments: , ["1"], [{"1":"habito","2":"Habito2","3":"Habito1"}], ["not found"] Bad arguments t

I am having this issue when testing a sentence mixer for a project I'm developing. I have no idea what's causing it and I have tried solving it for the last day with little to no avail. If anyone could help me find a solution, it would be most appreciated. Here are the blocks that depend on the dictionary, if it helps

What is the content of each dictionary? And what do you want to extract from them?

The content is only 3 keys all labeled 1, 2 and 3 as text. The content is text as well, and that's what is extracted. The key is taken from another dictionary that is sent from screen to screen and updated by transforming it into a variable. I know the dictionary that is sent works perfectly, as it is used all over the code, so I've been guessing something is wrong with the dictionary, if you need an image of the dictionary, tell me

mmm, but you have, at least, 5 dictionaries...."Objetivo 1", "Objetivo2"...and "get start value" it a mistake?

(when sharing blocks, please, change to English for a better understanding)

Yes, share here your dictionary...and try to explain better the input data dictionary and what you want to achieve (maybe with an example)

It helps to debug problems like this to leave a trail of global debugging variables with copies of those intermediate values, for later analysis via Do It.

The code uses multiple dictionaries (4 are the objective ones and 1 is the one that is passed between screens to get more info through them, the other two are irrelevant to the issue and to this area of code) and it is to create a custom response to the user depending on their last score, but that's not as relevant, I think. Here is a full image of all the relevant code. If you feel you need the full thing, tell me, just know the rest of the code only uses the topmost variable, which I know as a fact should work.

key path should be a List.

after seeing your data, no need to use get value at key path block, just use get value for key block.

Well I don't see the "Consejos" dictionary content....and it is confused what do you want to, two examples to show you how dictionaries work and so you can modify your code once you understand it:

Knowing how to access the key values ​​of a dictionary, modify your blocks and ask again if you have any questions.

Dictionaries don't work well with small numeric keys.

For multiple choices, try A,B,C,D

I somehow made it work by... copying an identical piece of code that uses the same principle from another screen and placing it instead of the ones I had? I put them side by side, and they were literally the same, but these worked, and the others didn't. I don't know how, and I really don't care, but it works now. Maybe they had a diference and I didn't notice, but I don't know. the important thing is it works. Thanks everyone!

Edit: Found out I used get key PATH instead of value. I feel stupid now. At least I found out early(-ish).