The operation * cannot accept the arguments: ,

Hi everyone,

Trying to create an app that will send speed and distance to an esp32 to control a stepper motor.
I am able to connect to esp32 fine but when a click on the slider I get:
The operation * cannot accept the arguments: ,

Here are my blocks:

Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm guessing it's because I'm trying to multiply a value by something that can't be multiplied.

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I need to multiply slider by a number. For example the max speed is 100,000 and a slider with 100,000 increments is basically unusable

The two green blocks that Anke marked do not load distance and speed values ​​to global variables, but component instances.

So what do i do?

Or use round thumb position like in set text distance or use distance.text , actually you are calling the component and not its value.
If you don't need other calculations in procedure speed and distance you can add the two blocks in the first procedure . Why add 4 block and two new procedures instead to add the calculation block itself?

Cheers @Raffaele_Gold
It is now working as it should.
Vielen Dank für Ihre Zeit @Anke

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