The operation - cannot accept the arguments: empty-string (1)

I am making an app with questions (trivia). It has the option to choose between 4 languages. All of them have the same blocks but the latest ones (French and Spanish), don't work properly. It only generates one question, when you click the button to generate another question it shows the following error: "The operation - cannot accept the arguments: (empty-string) (1).
It doesn't happen with English and Catalan. Could you help me, please?
I can't download the aia because I have a very weak Internet connection.

Your blocks image is unreadable.

To deal with your limited bandwidth, add your app to the Gallery, make it public, and post the Gallery link to it.

The image is OK, you just have to


open the image in a new tab and view it there. :slight_smile:


You only have one place in your blocks where you subtract 1.

That's in the Clock countdown for remaining time.
Since it is subtracting 1 from a Label.Text, that would suggest that you did not initialize it properly to a number, or you let the Clock Timer run before you had a chance to initialize that Label.Text.

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I can't find where is the error. I don't understand why the 4 languages have the same bocks , but 2 of them don't work properly.

A guess -

  • do the languages not working use diacritical marks and the others do not? The issue could be in your Compare Blocks.
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We can't see if your Answer Blocks really are the same because you have only uploaded the Spanish Answers. It might have been better to have each language answer side-by-side in the same block instead of having four giant blocks.

In the 'ShowPossibleAnswers' procedure, start by setting the global 'index' to 1. I think that should fix the issue you are seeing.

Did you set up the four languages in 4 separate Screens?

That multiplies the opportunity to make a mistake by 4.

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Also Ranya, do not have a list of answers as text - you would then need to have as many answer lists as question lists. Instead, have a simple list of the correct answer indexes - which will always be 1, 2 or 3 no matter the language used for the question.

Here you have the 4 languages blocks.
Uploading: blocks (4).png...
Uploading: blocks (5).png...
Uploading: blocks (6).png...

The languages which work properly are English and Catalan. Catalan uses diacritical marks, so I think that the issue isn't in my Compare Blocks.
Now, my issue is that the app only is able to generate one question, when you click the button to generate a second question it doesn't work. It doesn't appear any error message, it simply doesn't work.

Your blocks uploads did not complete.
At this point, you might as well export and post the .aia file.

Export your .aia file and upload it here.


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