"The operation <= cannot accept the arguments: , [""], [5]"

Hi everyone I've encountered an error that I assume is from the part of the code that checks whether the number entered by the user is lower than 5 and if the textbox is empty. (The app should send out a warning message if any of the stated is true) Does anyone know how to resolve the issue?

first check if the text box is empty
and only if it is not empty then continue with your logic


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How should I do that exactly? Would doing if every textbox = " " then error message work and is there a shorter way to go about it?

up to now there is no such thing as "every textbox"... *)
you have to check each textbox one by one...
or in your case it would make sense to check each of the 4 variables inside the procedure...

*) EDIT: well, you also could write another procedure together with the advanced blocks... but for only 4 values it is not worth the work


check that your comparing variable's value is of textbox text compulsory if you say only textbox then it shows this error check and retrace your code