The Notifier tool

Hello, I have a problem with the App Inventor program, specifically with the Notifier tool. When I add this tool, it works normally on the device, but when the application works in the form of apk, the options disappear when you cli

ck on the tool

Please show us your AIA file.

I can't find the problem in earlier community posts.

One thing I noticed is that your screenshot background screen title, which is using Device Default, while the Companion is Classic. Did you change anything?

Does this affect the appearance and disappearance of options?

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Yes, check your notifier colours in designer properties, if these are #FFFFFF (white / possibly default) then they may not display with the theme you are using. You may also need to adjust accent colours or primary colours in

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Yes, probably.


Thank you so much

Thank you very much, the problem is solved

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