The music overlapped when switching from screen1 to the remaining screens

Hi, I'll tell you about my problem: my application has 7 or 8 screensin total, the screen1 has 5 buttons that lead to screen 2,3,4 and 5 and then some of them lead to other screens. Then they all have a button to return to screen 1. In screen 1 I added a player with a part of a song and added it with the initialize block in screen 1, (the song lasts approximately 40 seconds). As soon as the application starts, the music plays perfectly, if I press any of the buttons to go to other screens, the music is still heard but when I return to screen 1 the song starts again and the first song is still playing, and if I go again to another screen and I go back to screen1 it starts again and remain even three times overlapped. I was looking for information in this forum but I did not understand well what were the solutions that were given. I downloaded the taifun player extension but I don't understand how to use it. Can somebody help me? I gould like to put a background music throught all the app, and when the 40 seconds of the song ends, it start again independetly of the screen were the guest be. ¿Is it possible to play a music in the background continously? That inicializate in screen1 and that continue playing at the end of the song but not overlapping? thank you very much..! if someone coul show me the blocks I´ll be thanksfull..!

Maybe if you create a service in the background (in the background)

This happens only with Companion (not with APK) and only if you don't close Screen1:

This is all you need for that:

Of course, when Screen1 is closed (means the app is closed) the sound stops.But while switching screens the sound is looped / play infinitely.

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Thank you very much since you did not know it. I have not tried it but I trust your explanation.

But a question. So I understand, that Mit app inventor automatically creates a service when a user creates a case like this in the android apk ?.

I hope I have explained myself adequately or asked to be understood.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, it actually helped me as well with my game app!

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