The InAppReview extension

Hello everyone,
Just for an idea I want to ask only 1 question that is -

Shall I publish InAppReview extension ?

  • Yes, publish it !
  • No, don't publish it.

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Looking forward for positive responses.
Thank you !

Why do you ask? If you want to publish then just do it.

Well, I'll wait and decide till the poll gets at least 10 - 15 votes.

Because I want to know that how many people wants it.

extension is already available

...who target Kodular, which currently does not use AndroidX libs.

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i got this extension in youtube video. i dont know kodular sorry i am new

Perhaps explain to everybody what an InAppReview extension could do for them?

My extension let's the app's user to review the app inside the app itself without exiting the app.

Blocks -

blocks (3)

A picture below explains the result of the extension -

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Did you made this extension by yourself or not ??? If you haven't then do you have permission to post the extension ??

I made it myself.

Then it's your choice whether to publish or not .
First of all , you should write good documentation of the extension, how to use it and an aia file using the extension if you are publishing for free.
Then, It will go through Evaluation process and finally to the public.

See Here :

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Which game is that?

These are photos from Android Developer :slight_smile:


If you want to make an extension that's needed. Just go ahead and do it!

If everyone starts to ask these questions, the community will be flooded.


I did it, but my post is not approved yet.

We will approve when the topic is ready for it. I clos this topic..