The font is not readable

The font is not readable.
Where can I change it?

Two possibilities:

  • Your settings ask for the wrong font
  • You are using the wrong technique to capture blocks images:
    • Clean Up Blocks in the Blocks Editor
    • Expand all blocks
    • Clean up Blocks
    • Do individual Download Block Images for backup and posts

Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here ...
(sample video)

The problem appears even before I open the project.

Right mouse button on a block, then Expand Block.


  • To expand all blocks: right mouse button on a blank space. Expand Blocks

Do you use a custom trheme in your browser or in windows maybe ?

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Show us your Settings from the Projects List.

Tested here, I think TimAI2 is correct - your App Inventor is set to "Open Dyslexic" - go to Settings and select 'Disable Open Dyslexic'.