The emulator keeps asking me to sign in a Google account

I use the emulator (on Windows) to test no-texting-while-driving app where Text component is used to send text messages. It has been working very well. But today I checked GoogleVoiceEnabled property, then the emulator kept asking me to sign into a Google account. Even though I unchecked GoogleVoiceEnabled, it still asks me to sign in. When I tried to sign in, it always said the username and password are incorrect. Now I cannot test the app any more. I even un-installed and re-installed the emulator. It still asks me to sign into a Google account. Anyone had the same issue? How can I avoid the Google account sign-in? Thanks.

The data for the emulator are not cleaned up by a reinstallation because they are in a personal data directory rather than in the shared program directory. Use the Hard Reset function under the connect menu to reset your personal instance of the emulator to its factory default state.

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I tried "Hard Reset" but it did not work.
Your response gave me the hints. So I deleted the .appinventor folder. Then It worked.
Thank you very much.