The emulator is stuck at 0%

Hello! I'm trying to connect my app to test with the AI Companion. I've done that all the time with no problem but, today in the morning I was trying to test my app with the AI companion but it loads to 20% and goes all the way back to 0% and it says, Sending assets/Mic.png to companion... (the mic.png its the only image file in the app) Can someone please help me with it? I'll appreciate anyone's help! Thank you.

Make sure your internet connection is stable and both devices are connected to same network.

Thanks for the reply! But, my internet connection is stable and both devices are connected over the same network.


Is the image optimised for Android?

THANKS! I read the article and it says "Ensure that you have the Rights necessary to use your chosen images in your app" So what I did it was edit the image in a image editor and then download it, and since it wasn't the exact file it did let me! Thanks! Now the emulator is loading!!

Hi - the reason the image worked will have been the image edit (perhaps the original had the wrong extension for it's format).

That has nothing to do with the right to use the image though - even if you modify an image, you must still obtain the right to use the original.

Ohhhh ok thanks!