The connection crashes when I link the Personal Image Classifier to a Web Viewer

Here are the steps I've taken:

  1. I went to and did the image training and exported my model (this part worked fine).
  2. I went into MIT app inventor and created a new project (
  3. In the designer screen I selected two horizontal arrangements and put in two buttons and a label. Under that, I put in a Web Viewer.
  4. I played around with the formatting to get it to look the way I wanted and used the AI companion to link it to my phone (Moto g9 plus) - this continued to work.
  5. I added the personal image classifier (PCI) extension and added it to my design, and everything continued to work until I linked the web viewer to the PIC. At this point (which I can replicate) the link with my phone will crash and I get an error on my phone stating that the application stopped working and, on my computer, it produces a message stating that the connection with my device has stopped.

Does anyone have a work around or fix? I tried adding in the coding, hoping it would solve the problem but as sson as a link the web viewer to the PIC extension, it disconnects - so I can't test anything.

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I can confirm the behaviour, with all blocks set to run, I switched to designer and set the Webviewer in the PIC section. Companion crashed. (This was without a model)

@TIMAI2 If the app is crashing, can you capture a stack trace and send it to me? Thanks.

sorry it won't let me paste the text but here is a screen shot

Is there any update on this? Because I am facing the same problems here. I am not able to connect to the AI companion after adding the WebViewer to the PIC while I can if I removed the WebViewer in the project. The apk build is also crashing upon the open of the app if there is a WebViewer.