The build option isn't working

If I try to transform my app into an apk, when it's 100% it won't show the QR code. I tried to build other projects and it worked as usual. But this one, it doesn't matter how much time I wait (I've waited for 30 minutes) it doesn't show any QR Code to download, it never shows anything but the 100% completed bar screen.

As you have already noticed, other projects compile. Since one of your projects doesn't compile, there's a problem with that. We need to see your project to find out what's wrong with it.

Please send your project as a .aia file.
Choose File | Export Project to export the source code (blocks) for your project. The source code is downloaded in a .aia file. If you send it to a friend, they can open it with File | Import Project .

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I suggest you take a few minutes and go through my check list:

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