The Blocks Editor Needs a Search Function!

I've been writing reasonably complex apps using multiple procedures, timers, etc. (To see the 12 apps I'm willing to share, search for "dantastic" in the gallery, also for "Dan Davidson" in Google Play Apps.) "Linear Explorer" was selected as December 2019 "Adult App of the Month."

Often while developing or debugging I go nuts scrolling up and down trying to find bits that need I need to see/add/change. Is there a built-in search function for the Blocks Editor? Googling around I can't find any reference to what I'm looking for.

Right now I use a work-around that helps a bit. I put an unattached text block next to all of the major sections with the name of the section filled in. Then I can successively click on the "show warnings" up/down arrows to take me to the vicinity of what I'm looking for without having to scroll through the whole thing.

It's a kludge but is better than nothing. When the code is ready to go, it's pretty easy to remove the text blocks.


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Try . You can use your Browser to search.

An example:

Use #1 (the three dots menu) and select Find... from the options ; Type Label5 at #2;. all instances of Label5 are highlighted as at #3.

Hi Steve,
Tried your suggestion regarding Block Editor search using browser search. I tried that once, but since the browser search arrow keys didn't work, I never thought to scroll through the code.
Great tip. Thanks.

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