The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 5435930702643200_Screen2 will not be saved

Hello Everyone.
Im here to ask for some help.

Last few days i was developing an app and it works great, with all the mods that ive been implementing to the blocks.

Today, from a version to another, the App Inventor is not able to save my block changes
The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 5435930702643200_Screen2 will not be saved.,

Could someone help me.
Thanks a lot, Ronaldo.

How long ago did you do your last .aia export for backup?

So the original version is OK?
1)What have you changed in the new version?
2) Have you used copy-paste of components?
3) Does the new version have a Table Arrangement?

Hello Chris.
1 - Ive deleted deleted all the items in my backpack
2 - ive copy-paste blocks, yes.
3 - no, theres no table arrangement.

I didnt

The Backpack is a global container that all of your Projects can access. Clearing it can't be the cause of the issue.

The copy-paste may have introduced Blocks related to components that do not exist in your Designer (should be displayed with a red border to warn of this predicament).

The new version Project - did it start-off as a 'Save As' of the original version?

Thanks for the clarifications about the backpack.
About the blocks related with the design, ive checked this, and it was clear of errors.
Yes, the version was a Save As of the original One.
But the original one is facing the same error message.

Do you have a Backup, pre error message?

If you upload the new version file (.aia) here, one of the Power Users can examine it's back files. An .aia file actually consists of several folders and files, it is basically a zip file.

I'm sorry I personally do not have time to study your file, I have a deadline to meet! My colleague @Boban is an expert at tackling these issues.

No, not at all. The only error is about the blocks load properly.
Do you think that i need to restart from scratch?

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

You may have to - which would also mean no copying from the problem Project in case the issue itself is copied over. However if @Boban is available there is a chance he can find the root cause and fix it.

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CHRONOCHROMO_V12.aia (433.6 KB)
Here we go!

Try this one CHRONOCHROMO_V12.aia (621.7 KB)

P.S. at some point you have removed a extension, the extension vas removed but not all the block and thereby the error.

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How can i never delete an extension again?

I downloaded individual blocks images into a .zip file for Screen2.

Since this board prohibits upload of .zip files, I had to rename it to .aia temporarily.
blocks_1669590398441.aia (3.8 MB)

You have to rename it back to .zip, and open it, to get all the downloaded block images.

They can be dragged into a fresh screen, after you copy (Ctrl-C) Screen2 and paste it in the Designer into a new Screen.


I will keep working on it!

To be on the safe side, always remove all the blocks first then remove the extension from your project...

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What's the detection and cleanup technique for that, in case you are not available?

It's largely being a brilliant observer of fine detail.