The best Android apps

Hello, I wanted to make a program, but I did not know what program. I want you to tell me what program to make that has no example in the world :smiley:

I once made a great app that could stop the rain whenever I wanted. Maybe you can make one that can stop poverty, hunger and war.


I once made an app that put "the moon on a stick" - (many people want the moon on a stick)

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I want it to be the best topic in the world, but I can't find anything

I mean in reality?

You mean the animation they show at the beginning of movies

Why not concentrate your effort on something that is really needed in your own town/city?


Because I want the program to be unique in the whole world and also to see your beautiful ideas

If anyone has a beautiful idea of that scale, being developers themselves, they will create it, not pass the idea to you. It would of course be a rare thing to be able to have something completely unique world-wide.

Depending on the personality of each person, he can be forgiving or...

One question, is it possible to find the length, width and height of objects with a camera?

It's not about personality, it's about trust. If you have a good idea for a World-wide App, why give that idea to someone you do not even know?

No - there is no measure of scale if none of the dimensions are known.

Maybe that person does not have the patience or ability to create it, in that case he can see it in reality by telling his idea

Or selling his idea.

Maybe in the future there will be cameras or something like that

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It depends on the person to be forgiving and open-handed or...

So you are willing to pay for an App idea that could reach billions of people?

No​:relaxed:, because I have no money at all​:sob::pensive:

Is it possible to connect to the program using a satellite and see the moon up close?