The app is blocked

Hello everyone, I have an app that connects via bluetooth to an arduino, there are times when it is blocked, but when I disconnect the wifi or put the airplane mode on the mobile it works perfectly, how can I know that if the wifi is blocked? ?, the app is not related to any wifi, thank you.

If I understood correctly what you mean then you can with the following extension :point_down:

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However, that extension does not support Android devices > Android 8. I'll fix that bug later.

Hmm...I updated some of the blocks, and the testing seems as if those blocks below are the only properly-working blocks. (7.6 KB)


For now, only use those two blocks. I will update the extension.


Excuse me, I don't think they understood me, if I have Wi-Fi connected on the mobile, the app crashes, if I put airplane mode or disconnect the Wi-Fi from the mobile, the app works perfectly, it is a type of app that connects to bluetooch an arduino.

When the app crashes, if I disconnect the wifi it works perfectly again

Are you using extensions in the app. As far as I know, there aren't any reported bugs in the core components related to Wifi connectivity. In fact, most of our built-in component make no use of Wifi whatsoever. People might be able to help you more if you shared your project and they could test it as well to confirm.


Gracias a todos por las respuestas, ya esta solucionado, un saludo

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How did you fix the problem ? Tell us by replying. This is why we made this community for you!

De momento no uso la App si tengo conectado el wifi en el movil, asi fuciona bien, cuando quiero usar la App desconecto el wifi y todo fuciona correctamente.

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