The app does not work on Android 11. (Texting/PhoneCall)

Good afternoon! Help me figure out the program. Created the Android application APK (.apk) works, but does not voice call and send SMS when you install the Android 11. (On the emulator is working correctly), while this app works on Android 10, 9, 8.
To simplify created a new project (cleared), just call and sending SMS. This project also does not enter the call and SMS mode when installed on Android 11, while this application works on Android 10, 9, 8.


try adding the Country code to the phonenumber

I tried different codes, it doesn't work on android 11, but on android 10, 9, 8 it works fine. Just does not switch to SMS sending mode or call mode. Android 11 blocks the operation of the program, sending SMS and calls.

The application for Android APK (.apk) created from the project in May 2021 works on Android 11 correctly, and calls and sends SMS, and created from the same project in October 2021 does not work on Android 11.

I can't get it to work on Android 12 companion or compiled.

Workaround is to use the an example for texting (I added the permission just in case)

and this for a phone call

(possibly needs android.permission.CALL_PHONE...)

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this block runs well with android 11 app, does not run with companion

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Can you test with the SendMessage block, which is the block @aagolov is using?

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I tested, it runs with companion too, I'm using a Samsung A20

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Be aware that if you want to test SendMessageDirect and MakePhoneCallDirect blocks in the companion you must use the version of the companion ending in u. Google made us remove these permissions from the version published in the Play Store but they are still available in the version from the website via the Help > Companion Information menu item.


Testing is done with SendMessage and MakePhoneCall. Neither block summons the corresponding default app.

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Hmm. Okay I will need to dig deeper.

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не понял где взять блоки указанные стрелками
I didn't understand where to get the blocks indicated by the arrows

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I can not find the version of the companion ending in u

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As I understand it, Android 11 does not grant permissions to work with SMC and calls

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I added the permission request, but it didn't change the behaviour, using the SendMessage block did not call the default messaging app on my device.

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Unfortunately I have only one Samsung device for testing

My project works fine in companion, but does not work on Android 11. If anyone has a project working on Android 11 that calls and sends SMS, please send it to the mail removed by Mod . I will be very grateful. Everything I've tried so far doesn't work on Android 11.

Please do not post private info, such as email, in community. I removed your email from your post

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It's a pity for the lost 10 months, but the program created in May 2021 does not work on Android 11. The program does not switch to SMS sending mode and call mode. Attempts to make the program work were unsuccessful. The "APK" file created in May 2021 works fine on Android 11, and the one created in October no longer works (the project is the same). The developers did something with the "ap inventor" application, it stopped creating a working "APK". You will have to study and switch to Android Studio, which will require additional time.

Help>Companion Information, then scan

@aagolov Google changed how intents can be used on Android 11. See Intent for sending text messages no longer working on Android 11 - Stack Overflow
. ActivityStarter is the way App Inventor uses intents because "APK" file created in May 2021 works fine on Android 11, and the one created in October no longer works (the project is the same). This is a Google issue, not AI2 and probably arises in Google restrictions in what is allowed in Android 11 and involves the manifest.

You must probably use the SendMessageDirect block in Companion 2.62 instead of ActivityStarter or the SendMessage. Follow the advice in the documentation. If you do that, you probably can get sms to work on Android 11. Show us what you try.