The app does not sending number

Hello for you all
I am working on a project to create an app that includes sending time and date from the app to Arduino but I have a problem with the transmission
Where Bluetooth is contacted but does not send numbers or characters..
I would be so greatful for help

Show your code from both sides.

thanks for replying ..
for now i need to send a value, but what i really want to send is time and data to the arduino
so i use the TextBox to store the number which is represent the time that i well set, but when I face that problem (not sending value i mean), I'm working on app to send a single value just.
so this is the mit code

and this is Arduino code

here is the new app i creat to send the time and data without TextBox but its still not sending numbers or text with the same arduino code
testttt (1).aia (3.4 KB)

Hello Lama

Which one of the above is true? Time and Date or Time and Data?

@ABG asked you for your files, not photos! You can upload your App Inventor Project (.aia) file and the Arduino Sketch (.ino - rename extension to .txt) to this topic.

From your photographs I can see you have made a good effort to get you project working but I can also see a number of things are not right. Can you tell me - is this a hobby project or is it school homework?

Export Project

Thank you very much for your reply..
I meant time and date not time and data, but automatic corrector made it data.
I sent pictures as my computer wasn't available.
When it became available I sent the app in (.aia)
Can you help please..?

Myself or one of the other Power Users can help. You didn't answer my question about the status of your project - hobby or homework?

You have uploaded the App, but not the Arduino Sketch - can't have one without the other. Also, what Arduino model are you using, and what Bluetooth module?

It is a school project but it belongs to Arduino and not the mit so we are trying very hard to have the project integrated and distinctive..
Arduino Genuino UNO
Bluetooth module HC_05
and thanks for help

OK, waiting for your Arduino Sketch.

We also need to see a photograph of the HC-05 connected to the Arduino, where we can clearly see the pin numbers.:sunglasses:

good morning
this is the arduino code
we have no pin need to define we only use the bluetooth hc05
unsigned long x;
void setup() {
Serial.begin (38400);

void loop() {
while (Serial.available()>0)
Serial.println (x);

We need to know what pins the HC05 is connected to.

Red cable goes to Rx, Blue goes to Tx, but are they reversed on the HC05?

Rx to Tx (pin 1)
Tx to Rx (pin 0)
vcc to 5v
GND to gnd
we have no need to define these on arduino while we are using hc05

You don't need my help then.

red to 5v
black to gnd
blue to Tx arduino
violet to Rx arduino