The annoying icon white edge

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I think I may figured out where the problem is:
I made 3 pngs which are sizes of 2×2, 5×5 and 100×100 pixels


then packed to 3 apks and installed, the icons shown as below:

I unpacked the apk files, opened these folders in \res


the icon pictures of these 3 apps are as below:


Compare and see the problem?
The icon borders are cropped some to display in android:


So that is, the offset and blank area in the output icon pngs in apk lead to the "icon white edge issue", this should be easy to fix!


Today's new discovery!
In my phone, when I drag the app icon, it shows a "shaking" effect, see carefully :point_down:
This reveals the icon outside area.
Top two apps icons have the same colors on outside area as its edge
While two bottom apps made by ai2 have white outside area, When they shake, the white outside area exposes
So this proves my theory, the icon pics packed in apk should be in this form:

not this form that has white blank area:

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