The all new Windows 11

Hello all,

Windows 11 was officially announced on 24th June 2021. All the exciting features can be found in this website : Windows 11


The last video is the most interesting one! Now .apk files can be directly run on Windows 11- There is an Inbuilt emulator. This feature will prove to be much helpful when developing applications using MIT app inventor. Sometimes it happens that the emulator fails to detect some errors while debugging...(I had encountered this problem, so I wrote).

Feel free to give ur opinions. I know that this topic does not have much relevance with App inventor so I included this topic in #discussion category.

Thank you!

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Unfortunately , My PC is not compatible to run Windows 11 :sob: :sob: :sob:.

Is that so old? :sweat_smile:

Still running Windows 7.

Dell Latitude E6440

Your pc can run, just flash a drive with ISO file of Windows 11

Maybe minimum requirements were not met.

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My PC can run windows 11 :grinning: :smiley:

All sounds like marketing and business generation for me - a few updates on what is there already, and a boost for the computer hardware industry to sell new machines to people who have perfectly OK hardware. Google do the same thing with Chromebooks, and stop providing updates to make you buy a newer one. Govt are now trying to stop me driving my 60 year old car by insisting everyone goes electric and by introducing E10 petrol - which destroys plastic and rubber on old cars. What is next.....


60 years old car😲


Absolutely, This is their marketing policy! With new updates you hardly get anything new unless you make a big shift like from Windows XP to Windows 10..


About TPM.

I am Eagerly Waiting For Windows 11 But due to My Ryzen 2500u Procesor It is Not Supported just 11 months Old

No issues

My other Laptop which I Brought 1 month ago Supports It has Intel Pentium Dual core But My Ryzen 5 2500u has 4 Cores And it doesn't support

Seriously ? :flushed: DO u have a 60 years old car


What can the new Windows bring, apart from new bugs to be patched and incompatibility with older applications? They tried their luck on smartphones, they failed. PC computers are not as common as they used to be, now there are game consoles, and the Internet can be browsed on smartphones, tablets or TV sets. As for the PC, Linux is becoming more and more successful. Windows95, that was big.


The reason which I may consider updating it is just because of the new UI and ability to use Android apps directly without any external emulator. I'm kind of bored with the current UI which has just sharp edges in the tabs, etc...

Yeah it also looks like a marketting stargery to improve... They had said that windows 10 is their final version and they will push and be pushing updates to win-10 and will not create the next gen...

Phew! My laptop can run Windows 11.
I found the MS advertising rather offensive. Absolutely nothing that would appeal to a white old lady like me.
I thought that this post was a bit off topic, but the mention that Windows 11 can run .apk's is interesting.




I saw you for the first time :flushed: Are you new or i am dumb :thinking:

You must be dumb, because I am very old. :upside_down_face:
As you can see I am a power user, which means that I showed some competence with App Inventor some time ago. But I agree, I do not have much time for it right now.



Oh !

Windows 11 Released in Insider version