The aiStarter helper does not appear to be running


What happens when you clicked on Need Help?

To Mit app Official Website (aka here)

Try searching the forum, there may be others who have had the same problem.

I searched it up,It Looks Like Some1 Have the same problem,And There was a staff who was helping him and i tried the staff help,It didnt work at all
p.s sry for late response

Are you using App Inventor 2 online or an offline third party clone?
Are you using Windows, Mac or Linux?

Have you tried uninstalling then re-installing aiStarter? Here is some advice that might help you

Help Connecting the Emulator


  1. The Offline App
    2.Win 10
  2. Lemme Try that
  3. i have finished reading the page

Its working now,I didnt even do anything,thats Kinda weird